Monday, May 28, 2012

You mean like on vacay? ...Let's all go!...Road trip!!!

On Thursday, I realized I had a 3-day weekend. An extra day?! What's a girl to do? Road trip indeed. I debated for about 30 seconds...called a few friends and decided to drive up to the Bay with the puppy in tow.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early at 5...and forced myself to go back to sleep for a little before setting out on my first diet-coke-free drive.

It seemed fitting that Freedom of the Road by Martin Sexton launched my drive when I pressed "shuffle" on my playlist for the drive.

Now, you have to understand, I had great music on and no diet coke, so I imagine this is what I looked like to many people I drove past:
This is what I look like with no diet coke.
P.S. All photos that appear to be taken while driving...nope. I always stopped when I took photos. In the middle of the 5. (Just kidding. I did stop...but not in the middle of the 5.)

Chloe says: Mom, you're crazy.
A couple hours later...pigtails gone, still crazy

I finally arrived in Oakland at around 2 pm and got to see my amazing friend Holly! 
Don't judge--I had been driving for 6 hours and for whatever reason was graced with a double chin. However, seeing as Holly and I have taken a whopping 2 photos together over 3 years of friendship, I will suck it up.
Holly knows me very well and quickly asked how I felt about going shopping followed by eating sushi. Um, yes and yes. That sounds delightful.

So we left Kaya and Chloe behind with Donnie, Holly's husband, as we went off to do some fun shopping.

Side note: my dog is turning brown. What on earth is going on?

While shopping,  I saw lots of cute items but couldn't pass up this adorable jean dress! (Sarcastic marks?)
 Background: I have an interview outfit, which consists of a really cute navy dress from Banana Republic, a white cardigan, pearls, and navy flats...and once, someone interviewing me wrote down "Nice denim dress." I felt very judgmental, but couldn't help but think, "Seriously? This looks like a denim dress?"

This right here is part of the proof of my diet-coke-less weekend. With my sushi, I had green tea.
After shopping and sushi, well, I did what I always do at Holly and Donnie's...I fell asleep on their couch while watching a movie. In my defense, Holly fell asleep first...we're teachers; it happens.

The next day, I drove from Oakland to San Jose and had time to see some of my amazing former students. There are no words to express how much I adore them. Pure joy to see them.

Breanna and Roselle
The boys! Anthony, Andrew, and Adrian--so happy they smiled for me! :)
It's amazing to see how much they have grown and to hear about how excited they are to head to 2nd grade! One of my former kinders, Mia, is at a dual-language school, and so I told her she needs to call me to practice her spanish, because I need practice too!

After that, it was lunch and beach time. Kristin and I had our typical lunch at the most amazing Indian place in Alum Rock, and then, after some impressive work maneuvering my bike into my car, we drove into Santa Cruz. At this point, I could practically taste the coffee from Verve.

Mom, is it beach time yet??

Kristin had troubles with her doggy bags...
Most amazing friends and dogs ever. It's like I never left.

Chloe=not a fan of the water.

After some beach fun, we ate at Rumble Fish in Scotts Valley, because sushi two nights in a row is never a bad idea. Kristin and I used to do a similar trip when we taught together last year--we'd leave work as soon as we could, hop in one of our cars with the dogs, get coffee at Verve, do some work, take the pups to the beach, and eat sushi on our way back. I am blessed by some wonderful friends!

...the night concluded at Julie's beautiful house in Santa Cruz, with a s'more and margarita. We watched the movie Drive, and it was almost like college...except we didn't use a Magic Bullet to make our drinks, and I only had one so I woke up feeling lovely.

Girls' night?

Then today, I woke up ready to head back to LA. I got an early start, and for good measure, I stopped at Verve one last time.

So delicious.
Three hours into my drive, I stopped in Kettleman City to put some gas in my car. When I went to turn my car back on, it didn't start. Oh, hey, this is kind of familiar. Just like the first day of summer school!

A nice man tried to help me jump my car, but no luck so I called AAA.

As I waited for AAA to arrive, I took Chloe on a walk and gave my brother a call.
Me: Hey, want to hear a funny story?
Chris: Sure. I'm going to put you on speakerphone so Brittany can hear the story too.
Me: So, I'm driving along, doo doo doo, and I stop after a couple hours to put some gas in my car. Then, my car won't start! So, I'm waiting for AAA right now.
Chris: Um, that's not funny.
Me: I mean, I should have seen this coming. I had a great trip so of course my car won't start now.
Chris: Yeah, it could be worse. Brittany just got a jury duty summons.

Then, Rocky from AAA arrived. Hooray! AAA to the rescue!

Jumper cables check...

Car maybe starting?

It took jumping my car three times for it to start, and it was doing some funky stuff. When I would turn the ignition on, my windows would go down a little, but I decided to brave it and make the drive. Here we go! LA or bust!

When I got home, I made sure not to turn my car off as I got my bike out of my car...
Isn't it cute?

...and of course, once I turned my car off, it would not turn back on. It's a love-hate relationship I think. I love my car; it hates me.

After a long day of traveling, Chloe and I needed to rest. Chloe passed out on my bed after I took her on a little hike around town; I decided to rest in the form of cleaning. There's something about a clean house that makes me happy.
Chloe, ever the lady, sleeping with her legs splayed open.

However, don't worry too much. After some cleaning, I hopped in the shower, then made a delightfully large margarita. It's a rare day I take a photo straight out of the shower, no makeup on, and with my wet hair looking crazy, but this margarita was delightful.

Exhausted happiness

There's definitely more to say...I wish my brain had the words. My weekend was phenomenal. I had so much fun...and I'm happy to be back.

Oh, and don't forget. Memorial day is more than just an extra day off of work. There are no words to express how grateful I am for our troops, past, present, and future.

True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. Arthur Ashe


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