Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Reasons I Like Not Having a Car

My car decided to be a punk and die on me.

As I said yesterday, my car and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it. It hates me.

Tomorrow, AAA will be coming to tow my car to an auto shop staffed by the most relaxed, chill car guy I've ever met. I discovered (and by discovered, I mean I found via yelp) this great MINI place when I moved down to LA and my car died on me in August.

Unlike the previous MINI dealers who were crazy in Mountain View (a year and a half ago, when my tires almost blew out...), this guy gladly called up Uncle Sandy to give him the details on what was wrong with my car, and Sandy approved.

As tomorrow will be yet another day my car and I part ways for a brief while until I pay the ridiculous bills that I fear will be sent my way, I decided to come up with a list of reasons I like NOT having a car. Yes, my dear MINI, I am ending the love. I currently hate you a little, and so I offer you...

Top Ten Reasons I Like Not Having a Car

10. I don't have to $4.49 for premium gas that apparently does little to keep my car in prime shape.
photo source

9. I have yet to trip today. I tripped several times getting in and out of my car this weekend. Not sure why; I'm not very graceful. It doesn't hurt too much when a cute guy helps me up, but it's not exactly a proud moment either.

photo source

8. If I lose something (which I do all the time), I know one place it can't be: my car. I regularly leave my sunglasses, keys, wallet, glasses, or one of my phones in my car. Now I have one less place to look.

7. Nothing stuck on my windshield or car door when I leave school. I have accumulated lots of little ads for companies around my school. If I park my car anywhere in LA for more than an hour, I find I have some type of flier awaiting me upon my return.

At least I don't have papers like these on my car everyday...
photo source

6. I don't have to worry about losing my car keys...

5. My hair actually has the potential to look nice when I exit a car. I love my convertible to the point where I drive, with a hoodie and the seat heaters on, with the top down in 50 degree weather. I digress, though, as this was supposed to be a post on why I like NOT having a car.
Maybe I should pull a B. Spears and rock curlers one day. That's certainly an option. (Let's not even talk about the baby in the backseat...) photo source

4. When I walked home from the grocery store today, I felt totally okay about eating the delicious bread I purchased from Vons. Fun fact: The Vons by my house makes fresh bread ready to be purchased at 5 p.m. This can be a problem when I always get home at 5 p.m...but today I felt better about eating a loaf of bread myself since I walked home.

3. I get to hang out with my roommate more. Forced carpooling. MK is awesome (apart from her dislike of Friends, but I've very nearly gotten over that...)--and I actually slept in a little bit more today since I wasn't worried about leaving for work super early. I don't know why I feel I need to be at work by 6:30, and today proved 7:15 is just fine.

2. I can watch The Italian Job and not feel as though I'm risking getting a ticket as I drive the next day. The Italian Job inspires my driving...in a way that I feel is fun but perhaps may one day attract a police officer to pull me over if I go a little too far.

1. No way to give into temptation to go get diet coke. I cannot drive anywhere to get myself one.

The old Alex would have loved everything about this photo. The new Alex appreciates this photo while sadly sipping her iced tea.
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