Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freely ye received, freely give.

I hold onto good quotes. Things that make me think and things that apply to me.

In a very literal sense of giving, Pepperdine's motto has resonated a lot lately.

As I've mentioned before, I am in the midst of two fundraisers. This past weekend I completed the EIF Revlon 5k for Women, and this coming weekend, I will be playing flag football (yes, it's going to be hilarious) in a fundraiser called Blondes vs. Brunettes for the Alzheimer's Association. As I prepared for both events, I emailed friends and family about supporting me through happy thoughts, prayers, emails, and, if possible, donations.

While the actual amount of money I have raised so far astounds me ($600 for the 5k and $1000 for the game), I am more so blown away by the sheer number of people that have donated. 17 people donated for the 5k, and 29 people donated for the game! Wow. I am grateful to have so many people supporting me and these amazing causes.

I shared with the same friends and family who I asked to donate that I also would be donating to both events. I am in this fight against cancer and against Alzheimer's with more than just my words, with my actions as well.

People often preface asking for donations with: "I know it's hard to hear someone always asking for money, because there really are so many good causes," but what I've discovered is that for all these good causes, I want to donate. Since they are ALL good causes, I want to support them ALL. My donations are rarely large donations--usually around $15, but as I fundraise myself, I know that $15 makes a difference. Even $5 can help a friend meet a fundraising goal--and $5 shows support.

For me, the donations I've been making recently mean less shopping. I can live with that sacrifice, because the feeling that comes from knowing someone just got an email that said: "You've received a donation on your page!" is far more satisfying than having another pair of jeans in my closet (or even another pair of TOMS, believe it or not).

Freely ye received, freely give.

I've been very lucky in life. Granted I have moments where I feel frustrated or where I haven't felt so lucky, but at the end of the day, I can't complain. Everything I have is a gift--yes, I work hard to earn my money, but so does everyone else. I've been given lots of gifts, and I have to figure out what do with them.

Here are some of the amazing ventures my friends are up to right now and the links you can use to support them. $5, your coffee tomorrow morning or your extra drink at dinner, makes a difference and will brighten their days. Trust me.

Lizzy is running the Chicago Marathon while fundraising for Misercordia

Carly is participating in Relay For Life in June

Laura is raising money to support JDRF

Leah ran with Team in Training

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