Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chemo Email #2 (a.k.a. Cancer(-free!) Girl's Life Lessons...)

Easterly thoughts...
So to be quite honest the e-mail isn't really about Easter...however, given the timing, I apparently have written an Easterly e-mail. That said, what follows is actually a list of some of the things I've learned the past couple months that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy it...and I also hope April finds you having a wonderful quarter of the year. (Yes, scary as it is, only 3/4 of 2007 remains!)
...and before I forget, if anyone would like not to receive e-mails from me anymore as I'm still using the list of people who wanted to be updated on my chemo treatments, please let me know. I send these thrice-daily epic novels since I've heard they sometimes brighten people's days, but if your day would be brighter without my e-mails filling up your inbox, that can easily be fixed! I aim to please!
Happy Easter! I love you!

Cancer(-free!) Girl's Life Lessons...
*A cheerful heart really IS good medicine.
*Even if you think you're not the bravest or the strongest, trust that life will make you braver and stronger than you ever thought possible.
*Listen to great music. The possibility of losing my hearing makes me appreciate it even more.
*Never underestimate how great a shower feels.
*Hair is just hair, but that doesn't mean losing it is easy. Guys, when/if you bald as you age, I feel your pain.
*I'm forgetting diets and counting calories. I intend to enjoy food. Enjoy being able to eat food that tastes good, that doesn't make you feel sick. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I don't want the last thing I think to be: "Damn I wish I had eaten that cheeseburger."
*Along the same lines, being skinny isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you want to be skinny ask your doctor for abdominal surgery followed by chemo. It makes the couple extra pounds afterwards seem not nearly as bad.
*Never forget to say "I love you." So long as you mean it, saying "I love you" is never a waste of words.
*Don't lie. Life's too short to waste listening to and telling lies. Plus, the truth is probably more interesting.
*Smile. Life really isn't that bad.
*Be a little more discreet if you want to stare at someone. Even if you think I don't see you staring at the scarf on my head, I do...and if you're lucky I might call you out on it or wave at you just to embarrass you. ;)
*When you need someone, maybe the people you're expecting to be there aren't...but who is? Those are the people worth your time.
*Sometimes, life sucks, but it gets better. Sometimes life sucks, gets worse, and then gets better. Sometimes life sucks a whole lot, but I promise, life gets better.
*Ice cream tastes amazing and will make you happy. Music as well. (Clarification: Music will make you happy. Whether or not it tastes it amazing, I have no idea.)
*Trust yourself.
*I have amazing friends, a wonderful family, and an even more unbelievable life. Odds are you do too.
*Quit being so serious! Lighten up—life is exciting and enjoyable! If you're going to be grumpy, go be grumpy elsewhere...laughing is MUCH more fun.
*Oh and if your stomach magically grows a lot in a week and you haven't eaten in two days, go to the doctor. Apparently that's not how people get fat. 

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