Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Picture this: Miss Magiera, diet coke in hand, enjoying some beautiful weather in her backyard

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm currently relaxing in my backyard, enjoying the nice weather (the sun is actually still out), and while my diet coke is no longer in hand since I'm typing, rest assured it is within arm's reach on a table.

Even more exciting than that diet coke being oh so cold and oh so close, I have a backyard. Again, yes you read that correctly. I have a place to live. On Thursday I moved into a house in Silver Lake, which is a part of Los Angeles. According to Wikipedia, Silver Lake  is "best known as an eclectic gathering of hipsters and the creative class." Not sure exactly where I fit in there, but I do love it here.

I'm living with the art teacher from school, and we're pretty darn lucky in a beautiful 2 bed, 2.5 bath house with a garage (yup! I'm loving this place!) and a nice little backyard for Chloe. Oh right, I have my dog again. She's pretty awesome. She's been befriending some dogs around here and making herself right at home. Though she's without her friends from our place in San Jose, I have no doubt once she realizes how nice it is to have the house to herself (and that I am not abandoning her and this is actually our home) she'll thoroughly enjoy when Maggie (the art teacher) and I are at work. So far though she seems to be liking not having to be on a leash every moment we step outside.

In other news, I have a bedroom...and a bathroom...and a closet...and all three of those things are mine! I don't have to share anymore. I'm still working on getting settled, which means I may have some furniture building in my future, so I'll be sure to report on how that goes. So far I do love my walk-in closet and my shoe display. I promise once I'm moved in I will take photos, but imagine this: a giant floor to ceiling bookcase, filled with my shoes. Oh it's glorious. For those familiar with my shoe cabinet in college (Lovernich, anyone? There was not nearly enough closet space!), the idea is very similar. What others may use for food, books, storage, I say is the perfect place to put all my shoes.

So there you have it. Relaxing at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday, diet coke nearby. I even made dinner. I made some pasta with vodka sauce...all very lovely, and then I added the finishing touches: a microwaved turkey hot dog, a string cheese, and two red peppers. At some point I may cook even more...but for now, let's just be happy with the fact that I didn't order food tonight from somewhere else.

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