Monday, September 12, 2011

Everything in life relates to Friends...

...I can't sleep. Typical beginning of year teacher syndrome. I know I should be asleep...I also have work I could do right now, however, since it's midnight, I don't think doing work is the best solution.

Tomorrow I'll be taking meds to help me sleep--all natural stuff of course, but I'll need it, and if my first year teaching is any indicator, I shouldn't wait longer before taking it! I remember sleeping 5 hours a night, at max, my first month of teaching, Finally my advisor laid down the law and told me I HAD to sleep and couldn't work all day everyday. Now, however, I have to be the one responsible enough to force myself to stop working sometimes and to make sure I am getting sleep.

So, instead of working into the middle of the night "because I'm awake," I put all my work away, will be closing my laptop in approximately 2 minutes (when I finish this post), and falling asleep while watching Friends. (I was not falling asleep while lying in the dark unfortunately. Stupid teacher insomnia.)

Enjoy the following clip (the one I wanted to post couldn't be embedded, but you can check it out here:

If only all I had tomorrow was a meeting. I'll have 26 bright-eyed kindergarteners to keep me awake instead.

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