Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Used To Be a Gymnast...Shouldn't Balance Come Easily to Me?

Good news! Tomorrow I get to sleep in until 6:30.

I know, it sounds like a joke...but really, I am stoked! I have been getting up at 5 a.m. on the weekdays the past two weeks, so 6:30 really is sleeping in for me.

Incidentally, waking up at 5 a.m. and only having 15 minutes for lunch (which is spent putting homework in folders instead of eating) may or may not have contributed to my current cold. A cold is nothing new for me, however. Family and friends may recall the 8 billion times I have had laryngitis, pharyngitis, and/or bronchitis the past two years.

I fondly remember this past February break when I woke up to take Kristin to the airport and drove to her house, shaking because of my fever. While waiting for her, one of her housemates backed into my car (I still have yet to get the scratches fixed), and a couple hours later I found out it wasn't just bronchitis this time, nope, this time I had pneumonia.

I had to get a shot of antibiotics in my butt. I was not happy. My fear of needles became all the worse as a result of my 102 degree fever at the time. I tried to negotiate with the doctor...surely he could squirt the injection into my mouth, like a squirt gun, right? Nope. Shot in the butt. Thanks. I also got a lecture about resting. As in doing absolutely nothing for the next week. The doctor at Urgent Care gave me two options: rest at home, or, if I chose not to rest, come back in a couple days to rest in a hospital bed.

I rested. It was really tough, but I rested. I also gave my dog a haircut, but that's another story.

A couple weeks later I followed up with my doctor to make sure I had kicked the pneumonia and that my lungs were clear...and fortunately they were. I also made it a point to ask my doctor what was wrong with me. Really. Why do I always get sick, and how can I not get sick?

Apparently, the best thing I can do for my immune system is sleep more (and stress less if possible). This is pretty difficult, but I've been working on it. This weekend, I slept. A lot. I didn't work. That's not normal for me, but my cold is somewhat fading. I have a tough time with balance. My required work hours at 7:15 to 4:30 during the school year, but it's not as though I don't take my work home with me. I'm trying harder not to take my work with me...or at the very least to take less work home. It's a tough choice, though, because while I can't get in trouble for not taking my work home with me, if I'm not performing well enough at school, I can get in "trouble" for that.

However, for now, I'm praying that the impact of having balance in my life...of not working all day and all weekend long will be three-fold (yes, much like why Chandler was in a box):
1. I will be happier and healthier! I will sleep more and take time for myself and my friends.
2. I will be more productive at work (if I'm trying not to take things home, I need to get stuff done when I'm there).
3. I will be a better teacher...because I am happier and healthier. :)

I think I've failed at work-life balance in the past. I know I've failed at it. However, this year, new school, new location, new house...maybe I can do it? :)

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