Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"I mean, I think you're past the point of 'What does not kill you makes you stronger.'" -Kat

Thanks, Kat. I agree. I have some awesome friends. If only I didn't have to revert to cliches and quotes to remind myself that a current icky situation I find myself in is just a little bump in the road. Seriously, a legit little bump when compared with things like cancer and Alzheimer's. However, I sometimes wish I didn't have the perspective that comes with chemo and a more-than forgetful mother. Really. In fact, right about now, I would very much so like to be in Lake Forest, scar-less, watching Nelson Schmelson with my entire family, which would include a mom who knows who I am.

Wow. Gray cloud overhead. I'm having a grumpy night.

So, again, because I clearly need it, 10 blessings in my life:
1. I am teaching A.M. Kindergarten! I just found out today--and so this means I get to eat lunch with Laurie and perhaps see Kristen more this year!
2. My dad is awesome. He's sounded extra tired lately on the phone, but he is awesome. He lets me vent about stupid things (see above) without following up with stupid cliches. Oddly enough, without saying it, he reminds me that really, it could be worse.
3. I am highly amused by my conversations with my brother. Especially one today where for whatever reason I told him what I was doing despite the fact that he did not ask. I'm in dire need of Simply Sleep. (I think it will be one of my first purchases when I'm all moved into my new place.)
4. Holly came over today, and we literally sat on the floor (I've been couchless for a couple weeks now), ate Chipotle, and chatted. She is great. Even better, she brought me Funfetti cookies. Awesome friend.
5. Um, Kat? We talked for over an hour tonight. I don't even have words for how great she is. Well, I have words, but they're not adequate. They won't explain or show you how much I appreciate her and her friendship.
6. Chloe. Yes, I'm thankful and blessed by my 5-pound dog. I can't help it. She's a riot. I like to think she's smart, because she's a poodle...but I also wonder after watching her play with a toy for over an hour hoping she can get a treat out whether or not she is that smart.
7. God. Okay, don't get me wrong. I suck at going to church. And praying. And many other things related to my relationship with God. In fact, I'm basically failing here. However, in good times and in bad times, it at least comforts me that perhaps one day I will be able to be better about going to church...and praying...and I know that I can only do those things with God.
8. Diet coke. Oh a blessing and a curse. Curse: I'm addicted, I'm up at 4 A.M., I cannot sleep regular hours to save my life. In addition, I may or may not be filled with formaldehyde (I hear aspartame turns into formaldehyde...perhaps not best for me to be drinking it). Blessing? Terrible sleep patterns=excellent planning time. I can't run errands in the middle of the night so I pop in a disc of Friends or HIMYM and plan away.
9. KIND CAMPAIGN. Gosh. Molly and Lauren are doing a-ma-zing things with it. I'm just SO blessed to know them and to get to spread the word about something so clearly needed. BE KIND.
10. My classroom theme. Okay, so this is not as grand a blessing as say wonderful health (#11 if I were continuing with my list), but I am getting so excited to take my students on a Learning Safari this year. Yup! That's my theme! To celebrate, I even had a dance party today in my apartment to some of the songs on the Lion King soundtrack. You know I'm cool.

...And already, I am feeling better. I have brief moments where I almost feel myself getting angry or upset, but I realize those two emotions accomplish nothing in this situation. That's not to say I'm immune to those feelings (believe me, they're present, especially right now), but I'm just doing my best to choose other ways to respond to this. One such way that has proved successful? Dance party. Now you know why I teach kindergarten.

P.S. Check out my new blog about all things related to teaching: The Teacher Diaries.

P.P.S. Today, a facebook friend had the following as her status:"5 years in the clear confirmed today! God is good!" This is a friend of Chris' and also fortunately someone who is great enough to be my facebook friend...and she found out she is 5 years in the clear from cancer! I forgot to mention she's only around 28 years old I believe. When I was sick (oh how ridiculous and dismal that sounds), she reached out to me, and in the few times I've seen her, she is just a wonderful person. How WONDERFUL for her to celebrate this day. I hope I know the excitement that comes with this news in just a few years.

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