Monday, March 15, 2010

Let me summarize...

Thursday March 4: Emergency staff meeting. 6 teachers are going to be let go because of the budget. 90 teachers overall in the district. Bad news bears since I am #2 on the list...but I knew it was coming so I'm not really upset at all.

Meet with my principal so she can officially let me know about my pink slip.

Friday March 5: Get a note in my box that I have to fill out on where I'd like to teach next year...if I am called back. Teachers hug me and tell me not to be upset...fortunately, I'm not upset, so it's really not too big a deal.

Monday March 8: My principal comes into my classroom while I am teaching to give me a hug and let me know the pink slips are being rescinded! Either the parcel tax will pass or teachers will take 4 furlough days next year. I cry this day, because while I wasn't upset about my pink slip, I am SO happy to be returning to my school since I love it there!

Saturday March 13: My official pink slip comes in the mail. Even though I will be re-hired, the parcel tax vote is not until June, so I still have to be given my lovely packet of papers telling me that the district will "no longer need my services."

Monday March 15: Find out I will most likely be teaching with the lead kinder teacher Katherine next year. Excellent. :)

And now you are up to date.

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