Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Teacher, what's wrong with your voice? Do you feel bad?"

Well, we survived Friday. In fact, we did more than survive. I didn't have to move ANY clips on my behavior chart on Friday, which was VERY exciting. Everyone went home with a sticker and a pencil for being awesome.

However, I still cannot talk! In fact, it's worse! Yesterday I was able to make it through classes, but today I have barely been able to get out a whisper. Actually, I know it's bad to try to whisper, so I tried to talk normally when I asked my roommate to go buy honey for my tea, and my voice just comes out as a whisper!

The good news=I have no symptoms apart from losing my voice. I've coughed maybe twice today, and Thursday was the only night that my throat hurt. I had trouble swallowing food then, but the past two days I've been fine. I was actually very excited to go out this weekend and ENJOY being in San Jose since I don't feel as stressed by all the work I have ahead of me for teaching. Last weekend I felt quite the opposite!

The bad news is obviously that I still have no voice, and I have four days of teaching ahead of me. Plus, there really is nothing I can do except drink fluids and rest my voice.

So, fingers crossed that my voice will recover by Tuesday. Thank goodness for the long weekend!

Please send any magic cures for laryngitis my way!!

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