Sunday, August 9, 2009

Internet+Bread Bowls=good stuff

Oh the joys of Panera offering internet! I am currently about 1/3 moved into my new apartment...but we have yet to set up internet so I have not replied to MANY of your emails. (Ahem, Kristina, Kati, and Darlene...I owe you all).

Today, after much IKEA browsing and debating, I purchased a bed. No, really I did. I also called my dad about 30 times in the past four days about this purchase, but I finally made a decision...

...are you wondering what I got??

I got this bed:

and this nightstand:

and whensoever I chose to have my storage space delivered (I'm thinking Saturday...) I will officially have a set up apartment.

As many of you may know, this is not my first time moving awesome furniture without the help of people stronger than me (a.k.a. boys), but today was even more intense than usual. My 100 lb. box-spring was a BEAST to get up to our fabulous 4th floor apartment...but we did it. So, I am now enjoying an iced caramel at Panera, and even though I know it has about 500 calories in it, believe me, this is a regret-free drink if ever there were one since I just busted my butt to get stuff to our apartment.

...Plus, I'm buying groceries from Trader Joe's later. So I will have fruits and veggies to eat.

More to come. Hopefully from my apartment--cause maybe I'll have internet soon?

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