Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help! I need somebody...

I need help! So, I just signed a lease to a fabulous apartment (feel free to check out the complex: now I have the task of decorating my bedroom.

Here are a couple bedrooms I like:

Thoughts? When you think of me, what do you think of? How should I decorate? I'll be hitting up IKEA sometime soon...most likely Saturday or Sunday. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

In recent news, since it has been quite a while since I updated with actual words (thought those pictures are priceless!) Institute is officially over, and I am up in Foster City, CA for two days of "Round Zero" which is supposed to help me plan for the upcoming year.

I also took my car in today to get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix the 6" cut in my convertible top. Thank goodness for car insurance, or I would somehow have to come up with over $ they will be replacing the top in its entirety. Even the people at the auto repair place seemed confused: was there really a point in someone cutting the top of my car? Mm, pretty much no.

For this reason, I am trying to work our car insurance, renter's insurance, and of course, my favorite, health insurance, which I will find out more about at the new employee day for my school district in a week and a half. Apparently, I have a pre-existing condition...who knew? :P

(Interesting news for those of you who know the whole long story from D.C.: Apparently the Virginia hospital sent me a letter to check in and to see how their former patient is doing...I am tempted to reply...but not quite sure what to say. Would I have enough space to explain that despite the wonderful food, their post-surgical advice could not have been worse? However, as I constantly tell myself, at least my doctors at home were more attentive, and I am healthy and happy over two years later).

In just three short weeks, I'll have my very own classroom, my Kinder-Garden (oh yes, the theme is in full motion)! We are going to have our Busy Bee Helper Jobs, our Chicka Chicka Boom ABC trees, our apple behavior chart...and of course, we will be watering our garden with hard work so our flowers can grow up to the sky (in the clouds will be our hopes and dreams), and Mr. (or Mrs.) Sun will be college!

I'll update more soon!
Lots of love,

P.S. Jess, I know I have not put any pictures of Chloe up, but you'll be happy to know that she is doing well, and in the few short days my brother was home, she managed to get to sleep in his bed. One day I will write a book about Chloe's and my travels...but first we need to be in the same state!

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