Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, as I mentioned, my roommate got pinkeye this weekend.

This morning, we were informed that Long Beach Headstarts were taking a precautionary measure to prevent a pinkeye outbreak since every classroom had students missing yesterday, many with pinkeye symptoms.

We're all standing there, people commenting that their eyes feel itchy or tight...and we're told we will still be there from 7:45 A.M. to 5 P.M. and just have extra work time.

In our first session with our curriculum specialist, I pretty much wanted to punch a few people in the room. We may teach 5-year olds, but we are NOT five ourselves, so people need to stop complaining. Suck it up; life is not that bad at TFA. Driving me crazy.

Then we had our literacy specialist session. Oh, I forgot to mention that at this point I have already had a diet coke even though it is only 9 A.M. since I had a migraine last night...and this morning... (This is another reason why I find everyone a bit more irritating...because my head is pounding...).

After our LS session, we are told we need to meet as a school, where our director fields questions about:
1. Pinkeye--do we have it, do we need to go get tested, what if we do have it...
2. Our Lesson Plans--do we need to combine them tomorrow, can we just do one less this week since we put so much time into the one for today...
3. The rest of the day--really? Why can't we just go back to LMU to nap and get work done?

Our School Director patiently answers a million and one questions, and then she tells us we will be having a TFA. Well yes, of course we are. We are IN TFA.

We are having a TFA, a Totally Free Afternoon.


We are always the earliest bus to leave and the latest to return.
Today, we got back to LMU a good 45 minutes before anyone else, at 11:45.

Sno cones, mocktails, cotton candy all ready for us. Wonderful.

Went to the beach. Awesome. Sprayed on my SPF 70+ (no joke, my roommate asked what SPF I had, and I said: 60 and 70, nothing less) and headed over to Venice.

All went well. Super fun.

And then I showered.

And discovered my sunburn is almost as bad as it was post-graduation.

Which really I wouldn't even mention had my roommate not WATCHED me spray SPF 70 on until I was glistening. AND I reapplied.

I give up. Sun sun go away, please don't come again another day.

I'm off to bed, in a good mood although quite nervous to see how my back and shoulders feel tomorrow.

P.S. One last story that I have yet to tell...
We have two students in our class name Steve.
Stephen W. was absent on Day 1.
So Day 2 when he arrived and his mom introduced him as Stevie, and he put on his name tag, I thought awesome, we don't have to worry about mixing the Steves up.
Me: Hi! I'm Ms. Magiera, what's your name?
Stevie: C3P0
Me: Oh really? Well, your name tag says Stephen. Can I call you Stephen..or Steven...or maybe Stevie?
Stevie: My name is C3P0, and my brother's name is R2D2.
Me: Well that's pretty cool, but I'm going to call you Steve3P0 instead, is that okay?
Steve3P0: Sure (smiles).

Yesterday, Ava, who is in my collab comes up to me and goes: Stevie got mad at me today for not calling him Steve3P0. Yeah, thanks for that--apparently he won't respond anymore to Stevie... (all this she says laughing...)

I now fear that when Stevie starts Kindergarten in just a few weeks he will tell his teacher she must call him Steve3P0 since his teachers during the summer did. Who knew Star Wars was so cool to 5-year olds? Have I forever altered this child's future not by leading him down an amazing path of student achievement but rather encouraging him to go by the name Steve3P0?? Oh dear.

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