Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting news from the first day of Induction!!

1. My friend Alyssa already donated $35 to help me--she adopted my classroom!

2. A Tri Delta alumna wants to send me a care package with many of the items I put on my wish list on my adopt-a-classroom page, plus a medical/first-aid kit!

3. My principal emailed me back, and I get to meet her on Thursday! She also invited me to come to the school on Friday, and she said she would give me a tour.

4. My friend Caitlin told me about a way to apply for a donation from the company she works for, JAKKS Toy Company. (

5. I am already signed up for 3 professional development trainings over the next year! My principal sent them to me, and I am already confirmed for:
-SRA Imagine It! (which is the reading/literacy program for my district I think)
-Rick Smith’s Conscious Classroom Management
-Doug Fisher’s Better Learning Through Structured Teaching (A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility)
-->I hope that these will help me throughout the year to keep growing as a teacher and improving!!

6. I am going to be corresponding with my friend Brittany doing the Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa as part of the Peace Corps World Wise School Match! (

While I am still very nervous, I feel like I am taking steps in the right direction to easing my nerves!!

All in all a good first day!!!

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